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Safe Marketing

It’s easy to get into a routine with marketing. But, you know when you see some great marketing and think to yourself how clever it is. Why not do that instead?

Customers Matter. But How Much?

In business, there are always chances to cut costs or force charges onto customers. The thing is, people remember the experience long after they’ve paid the bill.

Collective Anticipation

By defining, honing and working a clear brand position, you create consistency and differentiation. You create a story people can engage with. If you are worthy, you can even develop a fan base of loyal followers with shared interests.


We’re more consumed with entertainment than real life, chasing a dream that doesn’t exist. But as consumers, and as people, we’ve lost a little perspective.

How Much Should Value Cost?

If you really think you’re worth it, you must make sure you place value on the process of attracting people who might feel the same.

Engaging The People Who Matter Most

Any small business can sign up for free CRM software and collect data. But from there, it ain’t what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts.

LinkedIn Clickbait, Attention and Value

Every post you publish and every comment you make tells your story. After that, it’s out of your control and for your audience to tell themselves a story about you.

Motivation and Distraction… Ooo Kittens

When you know who buys what you have and why – really why not just some marketing fluff – you’ll understand how to sell and market what you have, and to who.

There’s Always An Agenda

The proposition that lies beneath your current sales offering – the one that taps into an audience’s real agenda – creates a more direct route to your audience.