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The Google Delusion

If you think Google is on your side, you’re an idiot.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a very long time and have seen so many changes in the way SEO and digital marketing work (and don’t) – spending hours and hours trialling tactics for natural search, social media and paid adverts.

The problem is, people tend to think that what once worked, still does and produce marketing accordingly, with the worst of these in sales and marketing, who, in general, seem to offer the least innovative approach.

Google is not there to direct traffic to your website. It is not there to bring you sales. It’s there to make money… For Google shareholders.

And, to do that, they’ve slowly eroded choice, with ‘innovations’ such as Google Suggest, and an Adwords interface that ‘suggests’ how to ‘improve’ your account and now takes up more of the ‘1st page’ of Google than natural search.

How much of a shit, really, do you think that Google, or your clients for that matter, give about your latest article, Blog post, or tweet? That one you wrote because you think it offers keywords that will bring in traffic and feed your sales pipeline.

So; stop expecting; start creating; start innovating… With Google other way down your list of priorities.