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EVERYONE Keeps Generalising

I was thinking that perhaps it’s time to get rid  of all other shades of grey, replace them with black and white and make people pick a side in every generic aspect of life.

In or out. Red or blue. Oasis or Blur.

Kinda feels like that sometimes, especially recently. Make a choice 100% this way or that.

Of course, the world’s not so simple. People, also, not so simple.

It’s a dangerous and scary precedent to be setting, encouraging people to stick a flag in ‘thing’, even if that thing is actually an action. Some people seem to want to make nouns out of verbs.

But, a person with depression laughs sometimes. Not all teenagers are addicted to social media. And not all middle-aged men drink too much (clears throat).

Turns out, in reality, grey is all there is. And, there are a damn sight more shades than 50.

My point. When you start realising that generic comments and generalisations can be dangerous, you can weaken them by response.

There’s no such thing as a naughty child. Just a child that has done a naughty thing.

And, just two that often hear at work…

”That’s the thing, anyone could buy my product”. Anyone?

“That’s how people do ‘x’ though”. And you know that for a fact?

“Yes, but it’s such a good deal”. For who?

Not sure about you, but in my world the more I understand my own clients, the more I know which types work best with me. I know that not everyone would buy my service, that not everyone is even going to like me, and that’s fine. So, I can focus on the clients that would benefit most from the way I approach things. The ones where mutual benefit wins.

So, a 2020 marketing challenge for you… Forget broad reach.

The world is more niche than ever if you dig beneath the generalisations. And you really should.

More focus on services product and client that is profitable. More focus on the people who will buy (and love) them.

Cheaper to service and more profitable.