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Lucky Marketing & Sales

Overhear a conversation about sales and marketing, and you’ll no doubt hear lots of stuff about strategy, planning, data and channels.

You’ll never really hear about luck though. Or, Serendipity, as I often like to say to clients.

In 2012, the phone in my office rang. As fast as I am at the cross-office chase from the kitchen, I missed the call. But I saw the caller number on display. I didn’t recognise it, which would usually signal me not calling it back – bloody sales people! – but after a couple of minutes, I decided to dial the number.

It was a glazing company in Edgware enquiring if they could rent a website from me. They’d seen some pages on my site about marketing for double glazing companies and found me via Google.

A quick look at analytics while I was on the phone confirmed that the guy on the phone had indeed searched for “rent a double glazing website (these were the days where Google shared that kind of info).

To cut a long story short, I went on to create his company website and make quite a few updates along the way. He still has the same site, which needs upgrading, but he called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could create one for his son. I did, and just went live.

Try and pick the bones of strategy out of that story and you might say it was simply a case of being as jammy as a packet of jammy dodgers on a hot summers day.

But, there is. I had a whole section on my website that was aimed at double glazing companies and how to do marketing. I created the ‘happy accident’ of him calling me.

Ask any successful person about luck and, if they aren’t too much of a dickhead, they will admit to instances of luck that have helped them on their way.

But, luck is an interesting concept. I learned a long time ago, with Richard Wiseman’s The Luck Factor, that Luck is a matter of chance, and to have chance, you need to be in the game.

Luck Factor Book

  • You won’t meet your next customer if you don’t mingle.
  • Someone ‘might’ see your content, only if you post it.
  • You won’t meet the love of your life by waiting for ‘the one’.

So, firstly, accept that luck plays a massive part in sales and marketing (in fact life). But, also accept that you need to create the opportunities for luck to occur in the first place.