Anyone Can… But Should They?

Every time you create a logo or a graphic using some free online tool, you send a message about how little importance you place on clarity, purpose and how people engage with your brand. Then, every time you:

  • Create a social media post cramming as much text in as you can.
  • Use your logo distorted with no clear space to let it breathe.
  • Use white text on a light background and black text on a dark background.
  • Use inconsistent fonts and styles.
  • Allow your logo to be squashed into a space that suits someone else’s design.

You see it a lot. Especially with ‘Bootstrapping’ smaller businesses. I’m not suggesting you should always use an agency or a designer, and I am not saying you shouldn’t use free tools to make some jobs easier (some people create messaging in a consistent and brilliant way for their businesses).

But, just because you save money by not using a professional to build your marketing message and brand, it doesn’t mean the message you are putting out there is necessarily the one you really want to get across.

And yes, you could replace this argument with most professions.