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Pick Up The Damn Phone

I want to turn the Adwords off, I’m not getting any business.

The telephone seems to be going the way of the fax machine. Although it’s not going to become extinct in the too-near future, it’s being used less and less, especially amongst young people.

But, if you are marketing your business or paying Google so that you come up when someone types in a search phrase, the least you can do is answer the damn phone when someone calls.

Marketing knocks on the door, but without answering it, it doesn’t matter how good [you think] your product is; someone else will take the call.

They will be there to respond to the email, reply straightaway on chat, or answer the telephone, while you complain about why your ad spend isn’t delivering, or (as I had this week) questioning why the prospect didn’t leave a message.

The point is, customers need suppliers less and less. For organisations that rely on repeat business and a good reputation, that doesn’t mean email newsletters or social media posts: It means personal interaction.

So, answer the goddamn phone!