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Not Crap Enough

I went to a talk about 15 years ago given by the (then) Principal of Queen Marys College in Basingstoke to local businesses. Hailing from Liverpool, he commented that the problem with improving Basingstoke as a town was that it just wasn’t crap enough.

And, of course, there’s the other side of that coin. Obviously, a town has to be more things to more people, so the challenge is complex unless you have a dynamic council (does such a thing even exist?).

For businesses, it’s also comfortable to sit in the middle lane. To not take risks, to fit in and be just good enough – right up to the point where the middle moves and you don’t notice. Maybe a new kid on the block comes along and redefines your market while you are busying yourself, not rocking the boat.

But, although we don’t necessarily need to set the world alight, maybe, once in a while, it’s worth lifting your head and getting an objective look at what’s happening around you.

And, if you aren’t quite crap enough, imagine you are anyway and do something about it.