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I Promised You A Miracle

If you ever find yourself competing against people who promise more for less, you should know you are fighting in the wrong arena.

Haircuts and Sales Pitches

While marketing has to work harder than ever these days to start a conversation, your second conversation could be make-or-break. Choose your words wisely.

It’s The Fight In The Old Dog

If you are not a disrupter, making a profit can become disjointed. It’s about edge; it’s about niche; it’s about fight.

The True Cost Of A Hand Dryer

If part of the customer experience breaks, it all breaks, so why cut costs for short-term gain? The story of the feeble hand dryer.

We are THE people

Making friends is easy if they are the right people. In marketing we sometimes forget, wanting to appeal to all. It doesn’t work.

The Economy Of Attention

Attention is a transaction. Someone has to give up their time (however they value it) to pay attention to what they feel is worth it.

Ignoring Your Most Powerful Audience

Most businesses don’t engage with the WHY of their organisation to their team, so the great stories remain unheard.

What Are You Chasing?

Mass production of content creates more noise for audiences. So, not only do you need luck, but not every good idea you have will make it in a sea of mediocrity.

Pick Up The Damn Phone

Doesn’t matter how much marketing you do, ads you run, or tricks you play, if you don’t pick up the phone, it’s all for nothing.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Reviews are good. Except for a couple of things (and probably more). Firstly, can they be trusted, are they ethically obtained? Secondly, the general public can be proper idiots.