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What Are You Chasing?

Mass production of content creates more noise for audiences. So, not only do you need luck, but not every good idea you have will make it in a sea of mediocrity.

Pick Up The Damn Phone

Doesn’t matter how much marketing you do, ads you run, or tricks you play, if you don’t pick up the phone, it’s all for nothing.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Reviews are good. Except for a couple of things (and probably more). Firstly, can they be trusted, are they ethically obtained? Secondly, the general public can be proper idiots.

The Marketing Midfield Maestro

A wee post about data, customer service and sales, and how it’s ALL about people, not reports and stats. Sales and marketing, they are on the same team!

Evolution & Ecosystem

We all need each other (like-minded people anyway) for business to work and can not survive in isolation in any direction. Even Billion-pound football clubs.

Natural Selection

Moaning at the high street’s demise while signing for your latest Amazon delivery seems to be missing the point. Small local businesses can react.

Unlimited Choice

Choice is good right? What about when it becomes unlimited? Whether it’s thousands of family photos, or buying a paella dish.

The Gaps Are Important

As soon as a message leaves your pen, it’s not yours anymore. Did you leave enough for the reader to fill in the gaps?

The Art Of Challenging Yourself

When is the last time you deconstructed your marketing proposition; tried something, just to see what would happen?​

We’re Not In It Together

Making connections is hard when you try to appeal to everyone. Everyone is expensive. Not everyone aligns. Focus.